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Wether you're new to the game or needing an analysis of your current mechanics and how to take your game to the next level, I can help.  My course outline is as follows:

-Video: A half hour video analysis to check your overall mechanics.  Probably the most crucial part of the system for improvement.
**Mechanics course includes video analysis and runs 2 hours**

-Lesson structure:  I teach in 1 hour intervals with 2 week spacing to allow the student to really grasp the lesson and put some time into absorbing what's being taught.  I know schedules don't always allow for everyday practice.  I give you time, not a "crash course" cramming lesson structure which leads to information overload and not enough time to learn and progress your newly acquired skills.

-1: Mechanics**: Proper body placement, stroke technique, and approaching the shot.
-2: Speed control: Learn how the pros stroke the ball to maximize control.
-3:The ups and downs of the cue ball: I will teach you draw and follow with control.
-4: English:  You'll never look at this topic the same way ever again with my help.
-5: Position play:  Learn the "Tangent Line" and what it means to your run out percentages.  It's a real eye opener!
-6: Basic banking and kicking principles:  Finally learn how to measure a bank shot, and how to properly measure your 1-2 and 3 rail kick shots with a great level of accuracy.
-7:The break:  Break with speed and control.  No more launched balls off the table or dribbled cueballs in the side pocket.  This is the difference in making the most out of your first shot at the table.
-8: After the break:  The balls are spread, now what?  I'll cover the proper way to look at the table and increase your run out percentages through examples.  You will develop your ability to see patterns at the table that make the road map to victory.

My rates are by the hour:$35.00/hour which is usually per session.  Add $15.00/hr and bring a friend!

Have a table? I'll come to you!  Add $5 per 25 miles of my drive time to you.  I can setup at any place with a pool table and permission from the owner.  You'll want to contact your establishment to get the OK as my first lesson uses video equipment for analysis.  I've never been turned down yet :-) but we ask out of respect.

  Contact me  now to get the ball rolling!!

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